Usage Fees

Red Deer Airport Private Jet Unloading
  1. Aircraft Landing Fee
  2. Terminal and/or Apron Fee
  3. Aircraft Parking
  4.  De-Icing
  5. Fuel Services

A landing fee will apply to all aircraft utilizing the airport.

The fees are as follows:

Weight (MTOW) (KGs)Rate per 1,000 Kilograms
Less than 2,000 kg$0.00
2,000 kg- 46,000 kg$3.75
Greater than 46,001 kg$4.50


Note 1: All weights are based on the maximum takeoff weight (MTOW). These weights are determined by matching aircraft type with the weight listed in Transport Canada publication TP143, Air Traffic Designators.

Note 2: Medical Transportation Flights and Emergency Landings – No landing fees will be applied for medical transportation flights or if an aircraft is required to return to the Red Deer Regional Airport and land due to mechanical or medical emergencies.

Additional Information

For more information on any of the fees, please contact the Airport Administration office at 403-886-4388 or email the Information Team. Appropriate fees, as per the schedule, will be applied to inbound and outbound flights.